I have made many knitted items such as baby clothes, slippers, scarves, jumpers, blankets and toys for charities, which has been my latest project this year. I love making beanies and also matching slippers and hot water bottle covers.

I will be adding free knitting patterns weekly to my site for you to enjoy.

Currently I am trying out new patterns to add to the pattern collection. I have been asked to make some teddies for a few friends to give as gifts also some went to a charity called Samaritan’s Purse.

There are a few tools that are a must have when knitting a project. A good knitting bag where you can store your knitting needles and other various items such as your wool and also a stitch holder and bodkin (wool needle) which is a needle with a blunt end and large eye – great for sewing your knitting together and weaving in the ends when you have finished your project. A tape measure can come in handy too for when you need to make your knitting a certain length.

Happy Knitting 😊


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