Knitting Abbreviations


Common Abbreviations Used in Knitting Patterns

K or k Knit RS Right side
P or p Purl Rep Repeat
Inc Increase M1 Make 1 stitch
Dec Decrease Sl St Slip stitch
CO Cast On St st Stocking Stitch
BO Bind Off or Cast Off Tog together
Alt Alternate WS Wrong Side
Approx Approximately Yfwd Yarn forward
PM Place Marker LH Left Hand
PSSO Pass Slipped Stitch Over Kwise Knitwise
P2tog Purl 2 together Sl1p Slip 1 Purlwise
K2tog Knit 2 together St Stitch
Cont Continue M1 p-st Make 1 Purl Stitch
Beg Beginning MC Main Colour
Cm Centimetres Yo Yarn Over
Patt Pattern Bet Between
Rem Remaining RH Right Hand
Sl Slip Prev Previous
Sl1k Slip 1 knitwise


These are some of the more common abbreviations found in knitting patterns. Each pattern may have other abbreviations used specific to the pattern.

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